Ancient Top 10

A smart, fun countdown that details how ancient technology worked, how surprisingly advanced it was, and how it was kind of awesome.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Ancient Top 10
"The secrets surrounding ancient Egypt, including the riddles of the Sphinx, mummification and the Pyramids."
"Throughout human history, mankind has strived to create new and inventive ways of killing. Countries conquered and empires shattered on the backs of the most lethal weapons of the ancient world. From the ancient napalm, Greek Fire, to the weapon that helped the Mongols create the largest ancient empire, the composite bow; the speedy battlefield chariot which changed battle tactics, to the simple yet effective caltrop still in use by militaries today, which Top 10 deadly weapon will blow apart the competition and claim the spot of most game-changing?"
"Some of the most sophisticated ancient ships, including the Viking longboat and the forty, which was the size of an aircraft carrier."
"Ten tyrants who ruled the ancient world, including Julius Caesar and Cleopatra."
"Technologically advanced engineering of the ancient Roman civilization; super powdered concrete; aqueducts; mining techniques."
"An ancient computer, models that demonstrate flight, the transportation of massive stones and more mysteries from the ancient world."
"The ancient Greeks invented an ancient death ray, automatic doors and even robotics."
"The greatest monuments of the ancient world show more than wealth, they show power."
"From Rome to Athens, the ancients hubs of people, politics, technology, and engineering that drive the expansion of empires and leave their marks on history."
"Defining battles of the ancient world were fought through siege warfare; the battle of Troy, the battle of Syracuse, and the fall of Rome."